Valet ParkingRichmond, VA (Updated: March 17, 2014) — The FABA Advocacy Committee, under the leadership of Bob Adams, chair, has conducted a series of meetings among FABA members and other organizations to address valet parking regulations proposed by the City of Richmond. The city approached FABA late last year with a request for feedback as the city considers new regulations.

The city is considering a new regulatory scheme that would impact residents and organizations who offer one time (ie, for a private event) or routine valet parking.

FABA is working with both members and other organizations who offer valet parking, such as the Carytown Merchants Association and downtown businesses, to assess the pros, cons and potential unintended consequences of the regulations. Following an initial meeting on December 9, 2013 with Lynn Lancaster, the city’s parking manager, the Advocacy Committee decided to conduct a series of planning and review sessions to develop helpful feedback.

A follow-up meeting was held on February 26. The Advocacy Committee is currently circulating work product drafts among interested parties. The group intends to have a future meeting to refine the work product.

Questions the committee are addressing include: Is properly executed valet parking a productive tool? Should the city encourage or discourage valet parking? Are the proposed regulations in the best interest of residents and businesses in the Fan and Museum Districts?

If you would like to participate in the process or in future meetings, please contact FABA.