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Every day business owners encounter issues that are not related to their core expertise, but have a direct impact on their businesses. FABA has organized a growing group of business people with a depth of experience in specific areas that are common to most every enterprise. It’s a service that’s quick, it’s confidential and it’s thoughtful. It’s answer and solutions from people who have been-there and done-that in other businesses. And, it’s free to FABA members because members have volunteered to help fellow members. For more, click on the Advice tab above.


An organized forum for the voices of FABA members to be heard in City Hall and in City Council for shared issues. Actions that could help. Regulations that could be modified to stop hurting. The right person and phone number to call about a problem. Common day-to-day issues that could be solved by improved systems. Because this is an area where there really is strength in numbers, members’ participation is invited.


An annual program to recognize innovative ideas members have developed that can be applied to other businesses. And, a series of monthly informal, one-hour meetings to share ideas, tools and methods.


Online forums and old-fashioned, informal face-to-face conversations among people in totally different fields of enterprise who have found common sense solutions to common business problems. And, members who happen to know someone who could use your products or service!


What most businesses need is more good customers. The best place to find them is nearby. Too often nearby residents and businesses don’t know what’s available close-by. Maybe the product or service they are looking for is just one street over, but the business can’t afford to advertise itself. Joint promotions that benefit multiple members is a cost-effective solution. Meaning, the cost is affordable and it’s effective.


Places available for meetings at no or a reasonable cost. Negotiated deals with certain vendors. Forms and procedures to facilitate this or that internal function, either on paper or online, that have already been invented—and tested. And, are available, free through part of this website accessible only to members.


When you’re swamped with the day-to-day challenges of running a business it is hard to keep up with the torrent of new business apps for online and mobile uses, let alone think of acquiring one and learning to use it. FABA may be able to help. It’s committee of members who speak fluent technology and can translate into work-saving, money-saving solutions often at remarkably low cost.