Version: January 1, 2014


1. By signing up or participating in FABA’s FDA Rewards Card Program (‘Program”), each participating FABA member (“Member”) consents to these Program terms and conditions.

2. Participation in the Program is voluntary.   The Program is offered “As Is” by FABA as a member courtesy and as a free member benefit.

3. To participate in the Program, Member must offer one or more unique and viable product or service benefits exclusively for FDA’s authorized rewards program cardholders, such as a discount (the “Benefit”).   (See benefit examples).

4. FABA will list the designated Benefit(s) on a FABA website (“Program Benefits Website”) along with the benefits offered by all other participating FABA members.

5. So long as a Benefit is listed on the Program Benefits Website, Member agrees to offer the Benefit to FDA’s authorized rewards program cardholders who present their valid card at the time of payment.

6. Member may add, modify or remove a Benefit (or withdraw from the Program) at any time upon posting on the Program Benefits Website.  Member should notify FABA of any change.  Upon receipt of notice, FABA will use its reasonable efforts to make the change on the Program Benefits Website, which may take up to three business days.

7. Member is solely responsible for all of Member’s goods, services and Benefits offered or provided under the Program.

8. Neither FABA nor Fan District Association, Inc.’s (“FDA”) is responsible or liable in any way for Member’s goods, services or Benefits offered or provided under the Program, or for the success or failure to market or promote the Program.

9. FABA reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions and to modify or end the Program at any time, and to remove Member from the Program for a failure to comply with the Program terms.

10. Member may request any card presenter to provide reasonable identification to verify that the presenter is the authorized cardholders.

11. If a purchase involves others in addition to the authorized cardholder, Member is only obligated to extend the Benefit to the portion of the purchase applicable to the authorized cardholder presenting a valid card.

12. Member agrees to place a “Rewards Program” decal in a publicly visible window location when reasonably practical.  Member agrees to add text to the Member’s website that Member is a participant in the Program.  Member agrees to add a hyperlink from the Member’s website to the Program Benefits Website.

13. Member must remain a full FABA member in good standing in order to continue participation in the Program.