FABA Hotline – Quick advice from our business SWAT team

FABA’s “Quick Advice” is a service for Full Members designed to offer free, confidential and rapid advice from experienced executives and professionals from FABA’s Business SWAT Team.   We believe a quick call with a expert volunteer can often help you resolve the issue so you can keep your focus on what drives your organization’s bottom line.

FABA’s Quick Advice service is designed to strengthen the commercial environment in our neighborhoods by helping fellow members grow more successful by providing knowledgeable advice.

It’s free. It’s confidential.  And maybe you will also consider volunteering to share your expertise as part of the Business SWAT Team.


1) The Quick Advice service is not intended to be open-ended nor crisis-driven, but preventative in nature.  The session is usually 30 minutes or less. The service is for Full Members only.

2) Use of the service is free and subject to the Quick Advice Terms and Conditions.  The service is provided as a member courtesy and “as is”.

3) You start the process by completing the Quick Advice Request Form and including a brief confidential summary of your issue.

4) The request form is routed to the relevant advisor based upon the subject matter of your request.

5) The advisor will attempt to contact you, either by email or phone, within 24 hours to address your question.  The advisor will spend around 30 minutes or less providing feedback.  The advisor might refer you to a second advisor in another specific field.

6) If the problem is more complex, the advisor could recommend, or you may request, an “in-person” session to devise a strategy—with the added feedback lasting up to two additional hours. Or the advisor might recommend for you to retain an outside expert.

7) On a tax issue for example, the advisor may recommend for you to hire a accountant with the required domain experience to assist you.  When possible, the advisor will try to make you aware of all Full Members who provide the types of services you might need.