Program to promote FABA member products and services


The Fan District Association, Inc. is issuing +1,500 rewards program cards to its members. FABA members have the opportunity to offer one or more “unique” product or service benefits exclusively to FDA’s cardholders.  In exchange, FDA will encourage their cardholders to purchase participating products and services.


How you can take advantage of this program:


1. Determine your “unique” and “viable” product or service benefit to offer FDA cardholders. Perhaps design your benefit to introduce a new offering or to drive traffic for unused capacity or low volume periods. (See benefit examples).

2. Click the “Sign Up Now” link on this page and add your name and reward benefit.

3.  FABA adds your benefit to the FABA program benefits website, which is currently just a list but soon to be a searchable database and map.

4. You place a “Rewards Program” decal in your window, when reasonably practical.

5. The FDA actively promotes the program on a weekly basis to encourage cardholders to purchase your listed product or service.

6. When an authorized FDA cardholder presents a valid card at the time of purchase, you provide the listed benefit.

7. You may change or remove your benefit at any time by changing your listing on the FABA program benefits website.

8. Participating in the Rewards Program is subject to FABA’s Rewards Program Terms & Conditions for FABA Members.