FABA Committees

Advocacy Committee

Responsible for helping Members with common, shared challenges regarding public infrastructure, laws, rules, regulations and permits.

Chair: Bob Adams
Vice chair: Rob Jones

Commerce Committee

Responsible for helping Members improve Member-to-Member referrals and transactions, Member-to-local resident transactions, and helping market the Fan Area as an attractive business location.

Chair: Grayson Collins
Vice Chair: Jake Crocker

Resources and Innovation Committee

Responsible for helping to create and provide common resources Members can use to increase their competitiveness, and helping to cultivate and exchange of innovative business ideas among Members.

Chair: Wayland Hundley
Vice Chair: Bruce Kiraly

Business SWAT Committee

Responsible for developing programs and activities intended to help individual Member’s quickly address common business, facility, logistics, operational, maintenance, financial, legal, staffing and other similar day-to-day or time-sensitive opportunities and challenges.

Chair: Ben Brown
Vice Chair: Michael C. Smith

Membership Committee

Responsible for attracting new Members, retaining existing Members, and seeking Member feedback concerning organizational improvement.

Chair: BJ Kocen
Vice Chair: Lauren Seltzer Bell

Finance Committee

Responsible for creating and managing sponsorships, donations and other similar fundraising initiatives (other than Member dues).

Chair:  Nick Cooke
Vice Chair: